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A message from the CEO

The pace of change in our industry seems to increase each year, and all businesses must adapt if they are to address the challenges we encounter daily in international trade. Challenges connected with demanding customers, uncertain suppliers, tight cash flows, customs and taxations burdens, logistic nightmares – they all define our daily routines. Constant changes to the market are our daily bread, and they are even expected to accelerate in the short term.

At the same time, some things remain constant. The need for a strong, reliable and trustworthy partner does not seem to be any less important over time. Our ambition is to be the preferred company in all areas we operate in, be it vehicles and commodities trading or import-export financing. We have an excellent basis on which to build: comprehensive expertise in international trade, a strong financial background and above all – a team of great, devoted professional colleagues.

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Michal Matys
Schemnitz Group CEO

Key values

The world is changing all around us. To continue to thrive over the coming years, we must look ahead, understanding the trends and forces that will shape our business. However, especially during times of rapid changes, there are values and beliefs that we will never compromise on, as they are the cornerstone our company is built on.


Sustainability is a value that comprises the root of our business. This means we do not pursue short-term gains at the expense of long-term value, nor will we chase the market at any price. We care about tomorrow and we always will.


In order to provide excellent service, you need to feel that no one connects with you like Schemnitz does. It is integral part of our long-term relationship with our partners. We take our relationships seriously.


To our understanding, integrity simply means we keep our word. “My word is my bond” is a business principle we honour deeply in our everyday actions. In the world of international business, only men and women with high moral credentials can be successful over time.

A decade of experience
and excellence

Years of experience in international trade, business partners in more than 40 countries, a multinational team of dedicated professionals and a strong financial background. This is Schemnitz.

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