About us

The story of Schemnitz

Schemnitz Group companies are active in international trade and import-export financing. The group took its name from one of the most spectacular places in the Slovak Republic – Banská Štiavnica (originally Schemnitz in the German language) – to honour the strongest values which this country offered the world in the era of Schemnitz’s biggest prosperity, the 17th and 18th centuries.

Just like the miners of old, we uncover the values that are concealed from others, opening new opportunities for our international partners in the process. Our goal is to build sustainable relations with our partners. This is the foundation of our commercial policy, with long-term interests preferred over quick returns.

A message from the CEO

Dear friends and partners,

The pace of change in our industry seems to increase each year, and all businesses must adapt if they are to address the challenges we encounter daily in international trade. Challenges connected with demanding customers, uncertain suppliers, tight cash flows, customs and taxations burdens, logistic nightmares – they all define our daily routines. Constant changes to the market are our daily bread, and they are even expected to accelerate in the short term.

At the same time, some things remain constant. The need for a strong, reliable and trustworthy partner does not seem to be any less important over time. Our ambition is to be the preferred company in all areas we operate in, be it vehicles and commodities trading or import-export financing. We have an excellent basis on which to build: comprehensive expertise in international trade, a strong financial background and above all – a team of great, devoted professional colleagues.

Our partners place an incredible amount of trust in our hands and we realise this responsibility in full. We can never be grateful enough for the chance to deliver on our promises to customers all around the globe each day and help them find a way to succeed in competitive markets.

My ambition as the CEO of Schemnitz is to be an anchor of trust in the fast-moving and unpredictable world of international trade and import-export financing. Today more than ever I feel our duty to stand as a strong, reliable and trustworthy partner for all our customers and suppliers.

Michal Matys
Schemnitz Group CEO


Schemnitz takes great pride in having business partners all over the world.

Passion, Purpose and People make Schemnitz stand out in today’s competitive market and bring about results over and over again. Our portfolio companies are members of a number of leading international associations, such as EAIVT (European Association of Independent Vehicle Traders) and BfI (Bundesverband freier Kfz. Importeure).

Our project leaders’ informed and experienced opinions are often sought on expert topics within academic fora as well as the media. Our philosophy is profit reinvestment and business expansion, hence there has been little external financing required in recent years. However, in extraordinary situations, financing flexibility must be at hand, so we cooperate with a number of banks in the European Union, including TATRA BANKA, SOCIETE GENERALE and RAIFFEISEN BANK.

Industry affiliations and partners

Schemnitz is privileged to connect its name with European and global industry associations and financing houses.